Parents of Autistic Children

foster carer supporting autistic girl

Autism comes with both strengths and challenges, and accessing the right advice at the right time is not always easy for parents of autistic children.

Maybe you did not receive advice and support following your child’s diagnosis or maybe you want to develop a greater understanding of how autism impacts your child. You or your child may be experiencing a new difficulty or perhaps you want to prepare for the next stage of your child’s development.

Whether you want to increase your knowledge and understanding of autism, improve your confidence as a parent or need some practical strategies we can help. 

We know that no two autistic children are the same, and that every family is different too. We provide high quality, personalised approaches that really work.

We have wide ranging experience in the field of autism, and pride ourselves on being able to deliver increased knowledge, practical strategies and increased confidence to the parents we support. 

…and if you are still waiting for your child’s assessment, we are happy to work with you without a diagnosis. 

Our core autism training is essential for any parent who wants to develop an understanding of autistic difference. More than just a list of signs and symptoms, our training helps you to recognise the strengths and challenges faced by autistic…

An individual profile of your child’s strengths and challenges, along with advice on how to adapt actions and interactions provides an easy way to ensure all adults are working in the best way with your child…

At times all children need support to learn positive behaviours. Approaches that help non autistic children are at best ineffective and often confusing or distressing for autistic children. For autistic children, it is firstly essential to consider…

It is estimated that up to 90% of autistic children and young people experience anxiety. Anxiety can manifest itself in many ways, including in both avoidant and challenging behaviours. Anxiety in autistic children is rarely caused by a single factor…‚Äč

At times, autistic children experience difficulties in relation to a specific issue. It is not always easy to identify the issue, or to know how to help. At these times, professional assessment can help identify and resolve issues…