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Our Service

We provide high-quality, effective and practical training, advice and consultancy to parents and professionals. We work with people who want to ensure the best possible outcomes for autistic children and young people. 

All our training and interventions are individualised to meet the needs of our clients.

We really understanding of autism, and specialise in anxiety and challenging behaviours.

How We Deliver Our Services

We are flexible in our approach, and want to make accessing the right advice, support and training as convenient as possible. 

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Our offices are based in Rhymney, Gwent and we are always happy for people to pop along and meet us there.

If this is too far, or inconvenient we are happy to travel to you (depending on service).

We deliver training at various hired venues, or on site for services that have the facilities for this.

For individual sessions, discussions or information we are able to link with you via phone, email, text or video call.


We are a private business and there is a cost for all our services. Services are charged based on time, travel and resources required.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.



Jo (Manikiza) Condon founded Auspicious in 2018, with the aim of improving the quality of support available for autistic children and their families. Jo originally trained as a mental health nurse and has over 25 years experience in the field of autism, alongside over 10 years experience in child and adolescent mental health services.

Prior to founding Auspicious, Jo held the role of first National Autism Lead for Wales. Jo played a key part in shaping the autism agenda in Wales and created, managed and authored the ASDinfoWales website. As part of content development, Jo authored 7 books and many other interactive resources. She created numerous e learning and training programmes, which to date have helped over 55,000 people increase their awareness of autism and are being utilised across the UK and Europe. Jo has worked on numerous successful projects with professionals, groups and researchers over the years.

As autism advisor to the Welsh Government, she worked on implementing the ASD Strategic Action Plan for Wales and much of her work can be observed within the current (refreshed) ASD Strategic Action Plan fo Wales. Jo’s commitment and hard work led to the development of Wales’ Integrated Autism Service.

Jo’s passion has always been about developing autism knowledge amongst families of autistic children and the professionals who support them. She has developed and delivered training to countless professionals and parents during her career, and has supported hundreds of families.

Once publicly referred to as the autism guru, Jo has ploughed her years of experience, skills and knowledge into Auspicious’ Aurum Training Programmes and continues to use her talents to provide consultancy to families and services.

Find out more about Jo’s autism experience.