November 2, 2017

About us

We founded Auspicious with a passionate spirit.

We deliver a straight forward approach to supporting autistic people. We do this through our Aurum framework.

We know autism.

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We aren’t about judging, treating or curing. We are about understanding, accepting and helping.Our method will help you develop knowledge and build confidence. 

We aren’t about telling you what to do.We are about helping you adapt what you already do in an autism friendly way.And that’s where our Aurum Framework comes in…

Our framework will:

  • help you to understand how to utilise strengths, and support difficulties. 
  • make troubleshooting issues a breeze. 
  • guide you on how to adapt interaction, learning and engagement clear. 

We know you are busy.We know you need practical strategies that work.

Our approach is straightforward, pragmatic and as ‘down to earth’ as we are.

We pack our training full of advice, tips and solutions. We even build-in a workshop session. This allows you to practice using the framework with your own experiences.

Our passion to improve the lives of those touched by autism shapes our work.Our passion for change drives our commitment. 


We know autism. 


Jo’s Story

Auspicious was founded by Jo (Manikiza) Condon in 2018. Jo trained as a Mental Health Nurse in Cardiff. She simultaneously worked 40 hours a week supporting adults with autism and learning disabilities. Following her initial training Jo moved to London to pursue her career development in Child and Adolescent Mental Health. Jo worked at the National CAMHS in patient unit for many years, where she began to develop her knowledge and skill in autism. At the unit, Jo worked with numerous children and young people presenting with complex issues, often including autism. She worked in depth with both children and their families. 

Jo realised she had both a strong interest and skill in working with autistic people. So she moved to work as a Specialist Autism Therapist in a London Borough. Jo helped set up, and worked within, an Autism diagnostic and outreach service. 

Following the birth of her daughter, Jo moved back to Wales. Initially Jo worked as a Nurse Therapist and later Senior Nurse Manager within the CAMHS service. With her burning interest in autism, Jo continued to work with autistic young people and their families. As part of the autism diagnostic team, Jo undertook many initial assessments and completed  ADOS and 3Di assessments. Finding creative approaches to issues experienced by autistic clients became Jo’s thing, and she supported many families and is still in touch with some.

When Jo heard of a range of new jobs supporting the implementation of the Welsh Government ASD Strategic Action Plan, she jumped at the chance to apply. In 2009 Jo became the South Wales Autism Regional Support Officer, and in 2011 became the National ASD Lead.

Over the next 7 years, Jo held a key role in developing the autism agenda in Wales. Starting with a single web page in a someone else’s site, Jo developed and authored the ASDinfoWales website. As part of content development, Jo authored 7 books and many resources including phone apps. She created numerous e learning and training programmes, which to date have helped over 40,000 people increase their awareness of autism and are being widely utilised.

In this role Jo became an advisor to Welsh Government and support to Local Authorities and Health Boards She continued to link with, and seek the views of, parents and autistic adults and worked on numerous projects with professionals, groups and researchers over the years. After supporting the development of countless projects, resources and strategic infrastructure Jo and her team undertook consultation with stakeholders across Wales. Taking all the information gathered, Jo wrote a proposal for an Integrated Autism Service to fill the gaps in provision experienced by autistic people in Wales. The proposal was agreed and  funded by Welsh Minsters, leading to the development of the first nationwide service for autistic people.

Now, Jo still feels passionate about helping autistic people and has spent 6 months ploughing her knowledge and experience into a framework and training programme. 

And so Auspicious was born!